We Are Not Alone!

I have a very close friend who believes in UFO’s. While he has strong opinions on most everything I find this belief compelling because he has the courage to aver this publicly. I think all of us believe that given the size of the universe there has to be life out there somewhere. But my friend is absolutely certain of it and one night he tried to prove it.

Once a month I play small stakes poker with a group of friends. The ante is twenty bucks and a large raise is a dollar. We eat, drink, listen to music, watch television, and play cards. We meet in a fabricated “Club House” behind a business one of our group owns. It’s a typical boys night out. But not this night.

My friend who is convinced that we are not alone stepped outside to get some fresh air. He had folded his hand so the rest of us were still playing. Suddenly he reappeared, calm but with a glint in his eyes. “I just saw a slow moving object in the sky with red and blue flashing lights.” he said in a matter of fact tone. Then he went back outside.

We all turned to each other. Cards could wait. This was our chance to make first contact. We got up and ventured outside. As we went into the open air our friend was looking up  into the night sky staring at….the night sky. No red lights. No blue lights. No aircraft. Nothing.

He explained that in the time it had taken him to come tell us about the sighting the UFO had disappeared. It was too slow moving to have been a conventional aircraft but must have accelerated away.

Now my friend is a trained geologist and our whole group is well educated. We have a lawyer, CPA, banker, car dealer, petroleum land man, and a corporate sales executive. So it was only natural that observations would be made. But one question burned brightly. Why would a UFO visit a Shreveport Louisiana Auto Mall?

Me: “We are real close to Barksdale Air Force Base. They would have had to pick it up on radar. Where are the intercept jets?”

Our Friend: “They are probably coming right now!”

Landman: “There are no more jets at Barksdale. They were moved. They just have the big bombers.”

Our Friend: ‘They have jets! I have seen them come in on approach.”

CPA: “Maybe they are just refueling or there for repairs.”

Our Friend: ” Then that means they have jets!”

Lawyer: ” I don’t know why a UFO would come to the Shreveport Auto Mall? Maybe they want to steal a Toyota Prius and learn about our Hybrid technology?”

Me: ” Maybe we are being invaded! Like in the movie Red Dawn!”

Lawyer: ” I rented the Red Dawn remake on NetFlix. It was awful!”

Me: “The remake?” It never even made it to theaters! How bad was it?”

Lawyer: ” The new Red Dawn made the old Red Dawn look like Schindler’s List!”

In the mean time no UFO reappeared. We all went back inside but my friend remained undaunted, and honestly I think that is admirable. I’m not sure what he saw out there but in the face of unbridled sarcasm he stood tall and never wavered. He says he wants to go with them when they come back. That would be quite an adventure. My friend could teach them to play poker. But I would urge against watching the Red Dawn remake on the in flight movie.








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