The World is Flat!

I feel fortunate to have lived long enough to see the future unfold in my lifetime with the onset of computer technology. I am now never without companionship, never lost, never without something to read, never without a game to play, never puzzled with a question that can’t be answered. I can video chat, watch movies, and listen to music.

I have reconnected with long lost friends and family members. I can follow people’s exploits and celebrate milestones with them. I have a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. But even more amazing you now have access to everyone in the world. Later this month while in Rome I will reconnect with a family friend I have not seen in over forty years, thanks to social media.

Last week I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on business and was given tickets to watch the New Orleans Hornets play basketball against the Brooklyn Nets. I took my cousin Jon with me.  At the game we noticed Jennifer Hale. Jennifer is typical of media personalities these days, a gorgeous woman who also is skilled as an announcer and interviewer. Along with covering the Hornets she also is a sideline reporter at National Football League games.

Jon was commenting on how attractive Jennifer was and that she was also very nice, as he had friended her on Facebook. I glanced at him and said “I bet I can get her to wave to us!” Of course Jon protested, thinking I was going to start calling her name or embarrass him somehow. But I assured him I felt I could get a wave without making a sound.

What he didn’t know is that I followed her on Twitter to get Hornets updates. So I sent her a tweet. It basically said that my cousin was a fan, that we were sitting over right shoulder and that he wanted to wave to her. I then showed Jon and he said that she would never see it and wouldn’t do anything..blah, blah, blah.

Not more than a minute passed before she turned and looked right at us. We waved and she waved back. Jon was very happy! He even sent her a thank you message on Facebook, and to her credit she answered him back.

But Twitter and Facebook give you access to nationally known people as well. Kiran Chetry , while she was still at CNN, did  a story on autism. Given that both my sons have autism I felt compelled to write her, as I felt the story was slanted. She answered my e-mail the same day! Super Model Emme posted on Twitter for everyone to stop what they were doing and take ten deep breaths to relax and calm themselves. I tweeted back to her that while doing that I actually dozed off and was that centered enough? She also responded saying “HA!!! Love that…nice job.”

Recently I started following Gemma Godfrey. As a finance professional I track a lot of media people who deal with investing and finance. Godfrey is British and is the head of investment strategy for London based Brooks Macdonald and she also appears on CNBC. Shortly after following her, she began to follow me. Then I got a LinkedIn request. then I got a request from her to recommend her on LinkedIn, which I was happy to do. Then she asked if I would vote for her for broadcaster of the year.  Did I mention she is also a quantum physicist and has over 41,000 followers on Twitter? I even went on a diet for a week to help Adrienne Bankert with Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT do some research for a story she was working on, all because I answered a question she had tweeted.

Business opportunities, job opportunities, planning  a vacation, you name it, we now have the ability to share and exchange information like never before, and I for one am grateful! I just wonder if Gemma or Jennifer will read my blog?



About Merrill Wautlet

I am a finance professional and volunteer coach. I have also served in a leadership role for numerous non-profit and civic organizations. For a complete profile feel free to check me out on Linkedin.
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